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Vision and Mission

SYNLAB's mision and vission is to be customer service leader in every market we are in. For our customers this means different things dependent upon their own industry specific needs. The foundation of our approach is to be easy to do business with and provide fast accurate results so our customers have the Confidence to Act on the results they get from us. Where we fall short of our own high standards we try harder.

SYNLAB offers our customers an European sales and lab organisation structure to support its European customers in the most optimal way. In short Confidence to Act local and Pan-European.

SYNLAB's approach to running labs is our unique Production Driven Analytical Platform (PDAP) that incorporate the best science, production systems and IT solutions that allow our customers and scientists to work fast and accurately. Building on these capabilities SYNLAB is therefore in the forefront of the Lean Laboratory development process by applying world class management techniques.

SYNLAB handles millions of test results every year for our clients. Increasingly our customers are asking to make sense of their data and to provide information. Our objective is to move 80% of all customer related transactions to the web by the end of 2014. SYNLAB @mis and information portal solutions provide a unique way of viewing, manipulating and reporting test results as information - saving costs and time for us and our customers.

At the heart of the company is the financial and service discipline that allows us to run multiple laboratories and sales offices over a wide area with common and high standards of customer service, production and financial performance.