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Reliability is a crucial concept for SYNLAB, especially when it comes to respecting delivery terms. A sharp logistics management of incoming and outgoing data is essential. To achieve this, SYNLAB provides you with a user friendly service, affordable and standardized, so that your samples are received on time.

Courier service
Analytical samples can be picked up on location, anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium. The vans collecting the samples are all refrigerated and the couriers register the samples gathered with a hand held computer (Psion). Once scanned, the samples are part of the state of the art “track&trace” system of SYNLAB. A simple phone call to our Customer Service department before 11:00 is enough to have your samples collected the same day. It is also possible to order a collection through AMIS or @mis, at least a working day in advance. It is also possible to place your samples in one of our depots, throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Romania. Each depot has its own cooling facility, as well as a stock of containers you may need for your sampling activities.

Express Carriers
SYNLAB negotiated specific conditions with express carriers to deliver your samples to the laboratory in the Netherlands within the fastest possible time.

Shipment of soil samples from outside the European union
According to the demands of the phytosanitary handbook of the Dutch Department of Plantdiseases (PD), dated from june 1st 2004 import is prohibited of specific plants (this also includes seeds and fruits), bark, bulbs, but also for soil and growthmedia, see guideline 95/44/EG. SYNLAB is licenced and under strict conditions soil may be imported for which a dispensation in the form of an Import Licence is necessary. This procedure only applies to soil samples and not to water samples, the latter can be imported without dispensation. The purpose of this procedure is to prevent the risc of spreading possible harmfull organism into the ecosystem.

Each shipment needs to be accompanied by an Import Licence which can be optained for a fee through your regular contact or Customer Services. It is the responsability of the customer / shipping party to make sure a shipment of soil samples is accompanied by an original Import Licence, copies of the document are not allowed. Please note that in case soil samples are delivered without an Import Licence the samples will be destroyed by the Department of Plantdiseases, for which the costs will be forwarded to the customer. In the attached document below you will find all necessary information on how to ship in a clear overview. Questions concerning this topic can be addressed with you contact or Customer Services.

No matter how far or how close, SYNLAB guides your samples to their destination



Import soil samples from outside the EU

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