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Over 200 compounds analyzed in one pack

Are you looking for a wide range of compounds, fast turnaround of results, small sample volumes and above all, a screening method with low detection limits that is suitable for samples coming from complex contaminated sites or sites with little history ? If so, Soil²Control is for you. It enables you to detect over 200 compounds including PCBs, pesticides, heavy metals, total hydrocarbons or VOC’s. Soil2Control is available for ground and water analyses. The exhaustive list of Soil²Control was established to meet the requirements of the European legislation and anticipates the European market needs. The list of compounds and the detection limits are available on request. Reliable and Innovating

Soil²Control is a fast and reliable breakthrough approach for environmental consultants.

The analysis is carried out in our SYNLAB in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and is the result of a close partnership between our laboratories in England, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Easy and fast
The Soil²Control advantages
- Quantitative screening test
- Small amount of sample needed
- Accreditation ISO 17025 for the majority of compounds
- Low detection limits

Turn-Around Time
The results are provided in 5 working days after reception of the samples at the laboratory. If you require the results within 3 days, please contact your commercial contact.