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Service & Expertise

As a leading environmental laboratory SYNLAB strives to deliver reliability and quality. This is realized through the knowledge that our personnel have built up over the years and by using the latest analytical methods available with the help of sophisticated analytical equipment.

The quality of results is also established through personal attention and maintaining a strict and ambitious internal quality management system. By using our client interface @mis customers can order analyses, check the status of ongoing projects and do several statistical analysis.

Confidence to Act

By delivering the service mentioned above our customers can rely on us and thus act as a reliable actor in the whole value chain of environmental services.

SYNLAB is active in a young, sometimes immature market, in several European countries, each knowing a different level of growth. Those differences are in direct correlation with the need for support and expectations of our customers. Our vision is to offer this support through the presence of local “customer service centers”. Those centers have a clearly defined structure: sales and account managers, actively visiting and coaching our customers. Also present in a service center is a dedicated customer service department, responsible amongst other things for the technical, logistic and sales support.

We believe that, through process optimisation with a central European laboratory, the whole European market can be provided with a high quality service package. External logistics also play a crucial role in this ; that is why SYNLAB is very keen on setting up and maintaining local networks of couriers, as well as a tight collaboration with pan-European express carriers.

Do you want to know more about our depots and/or the packaging to use for your samples? You can find more detailed information in the navigator.