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Sales Team

From discussions with our clients, it emerges time after time that a modern laboratory has to do more than just deliver reliable analysis results on time. Clients rightly appreciate organisations that think actively along with them. A good partner recognises situations, can empathise with others and has an eye for general company interests. SYNLAB is very much aware of this and continually strives to bring its services to a higher level. The essential feedback from clients is gathered through active daily contact, through structural relationship management and certainly through independently conducted client satisfaction surveys as well.

The Sales Team maintains all operational contacts with existing clients. You can turn to the Sales Team with questions about:
• Products; which analyses, does the analysis of A make sense in sample B, and so forth;
• Product specifications; which method, what degree of accuracy, detection limit, and so forth;
• Commerce; what does analysis A cost;
• Provision of instructions; how should I deliver samples, how much of a sample is required, can you pick up or take samples and so forth;
• Progress of the research; when can I expect my results, can you fax results and so forth;
• Reports, can you also provide the report in English, in duplicate and so forth;
• General question; delivery times, packing, quantity of samples, and so forth;
• Complaints.

In addition, the organisational set-up, and with that also the services of SYNLAB, bears a personal signature. The relationship with clients is maintained by regular contact with people. This promotes a service-related involvement and guarantees efficient communication.