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Quality & Accreditation

Constant improvement of processes and continuous training of our employees

SYNLAB uses a dynamic integrated Quality System and aims at continuous improvement of results. SYNLAB is accredited NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2005 nr. L028 and certified NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015. Those norms form the foundation of SYNLAB’s Quality System. Moreover, our laboratory has different recognitions abroad: among others by Wallonie, Brussels Gewest for Belgium and the French Ministry of ecology and sustainable development. Our QHS&E department works actively towards improvement, following the Deming Principle. Education and training of our employees play a very important role. Our principle: quality comes from your employees!

Health and Safety
Health and Safety is actively monitored: the safety of our employees is one of the most important corner stones of our organisation. To guarantee their safety, we set up procedures, perform audits and train our teams. Besides, SYNLAB has a dedicated Safety Team and there are enough first aid trained employees throughout the organisation to help in case of an emergency.

SYNLAB is conscious of her impact on her surroundings. Next to the necessary authorizations, SYNLAB implemented an environmental system accredited NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2015. SYNLAB audits her main suppliers to ensure their environmental awareness.


Declaração IPAC 4 de junho de 2013 


ISO 9001 válida até 20220930 (PT) - General

ISO 14001 válida até 20220930 (PT) - Rotterdam


Certificado de acreditação ISO 17025 válido até 20230301 (PT)

Alcance de acreditação ISO 17025 (RvA website)

Alcance flexível ISO 17025