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IT Solutions

SYNLAB is constantly innovating and develops the latest in IT solutions.

Advanced systems based on the latest technology are developed to treat rapidly and accurately huge quantities of data. This data is made available through internet technology to allow you to process it efficiently.

Do you want to place an order from wherever in the world, know the status of an analysis whenever you wish or process analytical results easily and rapidly? We invite you to use the broad laboratory portal @mis.

With @mis you always have access to your data. Your results can be processed the way you need them to be, simply and efficiently. @mis is always up-to-date.
Make use of @mis’ possibilities:

  • Place your orders
  • Track&Trace your analytical results
  • Compare your results to different regulations
  • Access your analytical reports and invoices
  • Get your results in Word or Excel format
  • Allow data exchange with your own information system
  • Request pick-ups

Besides the @mis portal, SYNLAB is continuously innovating with respect to digitalisation of information and delivering customer supporting tools, such as “compliance testing programs” and handheld field registration.

The large part of the digital process and output is delivered by @mis. This means that analyses results, order confirmations, invoices, notifications and related documents (methods, accreditations) are digitally available.

The compliance testing programs developed by SYNLAB have a main objective to support and service our customers in analyzing their results.